Bridge Texts Materials

Bursting the Bubble

  1. Why is the article called Bursting the Bubble in your opinion?

  2. What was Kovy's journey from making entertaining videos to serious topics?

  3. Who has been his inspiration? Why?

  4. What is the divisive approach?

  5. How has he dealt with the presidential campaign?

  6. What does he think about threats and abuse on the internet?

But What about Me? What Exactly Is Narcissism? Bridge OCT 2018
explain words: deserve attention    empathize    circumstances    demanding    trait    disappointment    abuse    superiority    challenge    handle    volunteer
  1. What is narcissism?
  2. How do narcissistic people feel about the world aroud them?
  3. Is it OK to be a narcissist when you are young? when does it stop being OK in your opinion?
  4. How do young people stop being narcissistic when they grow up?
  5. When does narcissism become a problem?
  6. How can narcissism be dealt with?

Read the articles about Hastings and Beowulf and answer the Questions:


  1. What is the origin of the poem?
  2. How is it organised?
  3. How is the story made exciting?
  4. What is Old English like?

What Happened at Hastings?

  1. Who wanted to take the English throne in 1066?
  2. Which two battles decided who was going to be the king?
  3. Can you describe them?
  4. What was the effect of the invasion on the English language?