Module 7 Questions - Music
  1. Is music important: to you, to society, to the world? Why (not)? 

  2. How often do you listen to music? 

  3. Do you play music while you study, or work? If so, how do you concentrate on the other things? 

  4. Have you ever been to see your favourite musicians live? Were they as good as on the CD? 

  5. What is your favourite music? Did you like it the first time you heard it? 

  6. Is there any music you can’t stand? What is it, and why don’t you like it? 

  7. Have your tastes in music changed a lot over the last five years? How? 

  8. Do you think music can heal sick people? 

  9. Do you think animals appreciate music? Why (not)? 

  10. Do you like classical music? Why (not)? 

  11. Can you sing? Do you want to demonstrate now?

  12. How do you feel about downloading music from the Internet?

Module 6 Questions - Films and Books
  1. What books have you read recently?
  2. What films have you seen recently?
  3. Have you seen any films based on books or read any books based on films? Did you think the film or the book was better? Why?
  4. Which film and book genres do you prefer/can't you stand? Why?
  5. What other genres are popular with your generation?
  6. Which film franchise is your favourite? Why? Will any more films be made?
  7. What was your favourite book/movie when you were younger?
Module 5 Project
  • Work in small groups or individually (1-3)
  • Choose a country
  • Follow instructions on p 57 
  • Make a poster (A3)
  • Each person is responsible for his/her texts (about 150 words)
  • Deadline 14th Oct 2019
Module 5 Questions
  1. Which types of transport do you normally use when you go on holiday? Which do you prefer and why?
  2. Which would you like to try?
  3. Have you ever had a problem while travelling? Tell me about it.
  4. Which jobs include a lot of travelling? Give examples, explain.
  5. How many continents have you been to?
  6. Have you seen any wild animals while travelling? Would you enjoy safari?
  7. Are African animals in danger?
  8. Have you got any interesting experience with foreign food?
  9. What unusual/adventurous activities have you tried while travelling?
  10. What is the highest/furthest/coldest/hottest place you have ever been to?
  11. Have you ever driven anything?
  12. What type of accommodation do you prefer when you travel? Why?
  13. Do you enjoy planning a holiday? What are the things that you usually do? 
  14. How did you take part in preparing the last holiday you went on?

Module 4 Questions
  1. Is your personality different at school and at home? How?
  2. Do your parents and your friends think you are the same? Do you agree with their opinion?
  3. What kind of people is easy to spend time with? 
  4. Do you find it difficult to get along with some kind of people? Who and why?
  5. Describe the character of one of your friends/family members.
  6. How can people feel in different situations? (exams, watching the news, listening to music...)
  7. Does the weather influence your mood? How?
  8. What kind of problems can people your age face at home, at school or in after school clubs? How can these problems make them feel?
  9. How do you get along with your parents and grandparents?
Module 3 Questions
  1. Can you name some common health problems that people have and what can be done about them?
  2. Is your lifestyle healthy, in your opinion?
  3. How can we prevent diseases from spreading?
  4. Can you name some home remedies that were mentioned in the text, or that you use at home?
  5. What can people do to improve their health?
  6. Have you had any injuries?
  7. What are some of the unhealthy things that people/you do?

Module 2 Questions
  1. Who do you think is the most talented film/music star in your country/in the world? Which film did you see him/her in? Which abilities does he/she have?
  2. Who is the most talented sportsman/sportswoman in your country/in the world? What did he/she achieve?
  3. What are your talents? What are the things you are good at? (name 3)
  4. Who do you admire and why? (name 3) (sportsmen, scientists, artists, writers, ...)
  5. Who were David Copperfield and the Great Houdini? What were their talents?
  6. We read about some women who did not become famous despite their talents. Can you name some?
  7. What world-famous women do you know from history?
  8. What women do you know from Czech history?
  9. What famous contemporary women do you know?
  10. Why are there more famous men that women in your opinion?

Module 1  Your Ideal School Project
Work in a group of 3-4 students.
think about what your ideal school should look like.
Write 1 paragraph each:
  • GENERAL DESCRIPTION (name, location, type of school, facilities)
  • SCHOOL RULES (behaviour, uniform, exams, marks)
  • A TYPICAL DAY (classes, subjects, lunch, breaks)
  • AFTER SCHOOL (clubs, activities, events, trips, homework)
Bring your text into class on Thursday, Nov 15th, you will check with classmates.
Stick your texts on an A3 or A4 poster, accompany it with pictures (layout of the school, picture of a uniform....) if you like.  Hand your project in on Nov 23rd.

Module 1 Questions

  1. Which facilities does our school have?

  2. What extra facilities would you like to have here?

  3. Is homeschooling a good idea? Why? Why not? Would you like to be homeschooled?

  4. What are you studying/preparing for at school at the moment?

  5. Do you ever work in groups or do projects in any subjects?

  6. What is a boarding school? How does it work?

  7. Can you compare our school to some of the boardings school we read about?

  8. Which regular activities do you take part in in the afternoons?

  1. Do you take part in any school activities at our school?

  2. Have you ever taken care of a younger child?

  3. Do you have a pet you take care of? What do you do?

  4. Do you remember what was the first hobby you took up?

  5. Would you like to take up a new after-school activity in the future?

  6. Which events regularly take place at our school? When do they take place?

  7. Should children take care of their parents?

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