Seminar 3

Topics for the Seminar 
My Hometown
Environmental Issues
Holidays and Traditions (presentations)
Technology in Our Lives
Educational Systems (UK, USA, CZ)
Female Power (presentations)
English Language

Read this article about technology and answer the following questions:
Which three inventions in the history of mankind do you consider the most important and why?
Which famous inventors would you like to mention?

Gadgets and technology

  1. Is technology essential in your life? Which things does it help you with?

  2. Which gadgets and household appliances do you normally use?

  3. Which ones can’t you live without? Why?

  4. About how many text messages do you send in a day? To whom?

  5. Who pays for your cell phone bill?

  6. Who is the youngest person you know who has a cell phone?

  7. What kind of features does your cell phone have?

  8. How long have you had a cell phone?

  9. Should students be allowed to use cell phones at school?

  10. What can you do with a gadget that is not working properly?

  11. Can you access the Internet from your home?

  12. What do you use the Internet for?

  13. Has the Internet changed the way in which we meet people?

  14. What is your favourite "news" site?

  15. Which Internet sites do you visit regularly?

  16. Have you ever posted any photos or videos on the internet?

  17. What do you consider the biggest invention in the history of mankind? Why?

  18. Which invention is changing the world today? Why?

Holiday Presentation


Read this article and answer the following questions:
  1. What is the atmosphere and what is its function?
  2. What is the greenhouse effect?
  3. What are the main sources of carbon dioxide?
  4. How is carbon dioxide absorbed?
  5. Is it only the CO2 that warms the earth?
  6. How can climate change because of global warming?
  7. What is the approach of the politicians towards GW?
  8. What is the carbon footprint?
  9. What can you personally do to reduce the amount of CO2 that we produce?
  1. Name some of the oldest tools and metals.
  2. Why was the invention of the wheel important?
  3. Name some of the inventions that helped to advance science and literacy during the middle ages in Europe.
  4. What were the industrial revolutions and what were the most important inventions of the time?
  5. What do you consider the most influential invention of the 20th century and why?
  6. Who were the most important inventors in your opinion?

  1.  What is the Pledge of Allegiance?
  2. What kinds of grades do pupils get in US schools?
  3. Do pupils pay for education in the USA?
  4. What are the individual years of high school called in the USA?
  5. What is the SAT test?
  6. What are the Ivy League schools?
  7. How does the school leaving ceremony look like in the US?
  8. What is the GCSE level?
  9. Do US and British students have to pay for their university tuition?
  10. What is the main difference between university education in the USA and Britain and in the Czech Republic?

Future exercises:

Translate using time, conditional and object clauses. Use commas correctly:

  1. Když se probudí, uvaří si kávu.
  2. Až nebude pršet, půjdeme do lesa.
  3. Až přijde domů, udělá si večeři.
  4. Než udělám úkoly, podívám se na svůj oblíbený pořad.
  5. Nevím, kdy přijde.
  6. Naštve se, až na to přijde.
  7. Pokud budu mít čas, podívám se na to a pomůžu ti.
  8. Nevím, jestli budu mít čas.
  9. Nejsem si jistý, jestli přijde.
  10. Jestli přijde, dám Ti vědět. 

    My Hometown:

    1. Where is your hometown situated?

    2. Can you describe the main geographical features of your hometown? (hilly, flat, field, meadows, forests…)

    3. How many people live there?

    4. What do you know about the history of your hometown/village?

    5. When was it founded?

    6. Are there many sights in your town?

    7. Are there any scientific facilities in your town?

    8. What is your hometown famous for?

    9. Did any important events take place in your hometown? (battles, wars…)

    10. Do any famous people come from your hometown?

    11. What are the main cultural attractions in your hometown? (a cinema, a theatre, a museum, annual festivals, concerts..)

    12. Are there any good restaurants and cafes in your town?

    13. What sports facilities does your hometown have? (ice-rink…)

    14. Are there good shopping opportunities in your town? (shopping malls, chain stores, specialized shops…)

    15. What types of schools are there in your town/village? (primary, secondary, technical, vocational, college)

    16. Are there any factories? What do they produce?

    17. Is there a lot of farming areas around your hometown/village?

    18. How long have you lived in your town/village? Does your extended family live there as well?

    19. Has your hometown changed a lot since you were a child?

    20. Do you think it will change a lot in the future? Is your hometown growing? Is this a good or a bad thing?

    21. Tell me why I should visit your hometown.

    1. Tato kniha obsahuje 5 kapitol.
    2. Vždycky přijíždí pozdě, vlak mu jede v 10,30.
    3. Tento týden připravujeme koncert pro děti.
    4. Na začátku filmu se setkávají 2 staří kamarádi.
    5. Baví ji houbaření.
    6. Vyučování končí ve 14,10.
    7. Moje sestra bude mít v květu miminko.
    8. Máš s tím cvičením nějaké potíže?
    9. Vidíme se velmi zřídka.
    10. Vzácné květiny v této oblasti mizí.
    11. V těchto dnech řešíme uprchlickou krizi.
    12. Nevlastní žádnou zbraň.

      EU Questions

        • What is the EU?

        • What is its history?

        • What are its symbols?

        • How many member states does the EU have at the moment? Can you name them?

        • When did the Czech Republic join the EU?

        • What are the main goals of the European Union?

        • What are the major EU institutions? Where in Europe do they work?

        • What are the four fundamental freedoms the EU is based on?

        • What changes has joining the EU brought to our country?

        • What is your personal opinion on our membership?

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